Greater than Any Pain of this Life: The Hard Truth About Purgatory

You don’t want to go there, and you don’t want your loved ones there either. Have you prayed for the dead lately?

“Requiem Æternam”: A Closer Look at the Mass for the Dead (Part I)

The haunting prayers of the Requiem liturgy have long inspired composers to set the texts to evocative musical arrangements. Here's a look at how one of history's most beloved composers used music to …

Profound Wonder Is the Way to Welcome Babies with Fatal Conditions

Twenty reasons to think twice about aborting a baby with anencephaly.

Hepatitis Remains a Vicious and Frequent Killer in India

Widespread ignorance and inaction fails to prevent the spread of Hepatitis in India, despite the disease killing an average of 1,700 people a day in India.

Remembering Fr Andrew Greeley

The Church is emptier without him, even though he espoused heterodoxy

Mom, I’m Glad I Didn’t Kill You

Euthanasia is never the loving thing to do

What happens when I die?

If one thing is certain in life, it is that, ultimately, we all die. The question is, what comes afterwards?

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