Vatican Donates Half a Million Euros to Fight Ebola

Fund aims to improve existing health care structures, offering psychological help

Ebola at One Year: Cautious Africa Peeks Around a Corner

Liberia counting down days until disease-free declaration, but pain and precautions remain

Liberian Children Use Coach-Player Relationships to Fight Ebola

Life And Change Experienced thru Sports has helped kids cope with war and now an epidemic.

Thousands Break Ebola Quarantine to Find Food

Aid agencies: hunger in Sierra Leone causing difficulties

Faith in the Face of Ebola: Why Does Nobody Want the Orphans?

Religious communities putting up children until wave of fear subsides.

Faith in the Face of Ebola: Not Being Able to Comfort the Dying, Salesians Stay Close

The Church in Liberia finds ways to help, including continued presence

Faith in the Face of Ebola: Samaritan’s Purse Doctor Finds Calling in Liberia

In spite of threat from virulent disease, "There's a job to do, and you do it."

Faith in the Face of Ebola: Church in Sierra Leone Looks to Rebuild Society

Finding ways to counter social stigma and psychological trauma

No Vaccine, One Plane and a “Booty”: Ebola Outbreak Would Catch U.S. Flatfooted, Witnesses Say

Nurses testify before congressional committee; Ebola czar is a no-show

Ambassador’s Wife Shares Memories About Ebola’s Origins

Joan Hackett worked with expert on communicable disease in tracing Ebola in 1970s

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