The uselessness of a university

“Everyone knows the usefulness of what is useful, but few know the usefulness of what is useless.”

Can you solve the “three gods” riddle?

TED-Ed tries to grow our minds with an exercise in logic.

When a child is mercilessly bullied at a fast food restaurant, the unexpected happens (VIDEO)

Incident in fast-food restaurant exposes why it's so hard to stand up to bullies.

Why homework ruins elementary school students

Research shows that homework is beneficial only in certain grades.

Why manners are the glue that holds society together

Common courtesy is making a comeback, and we think Pope Francis might be pleased.

These dogs are helping kids learn to read — and it’s adorable (PHOTOS)

Tail Waggin’ Tutors places therapy dogs with slow readers in local libraries.

Malala survives being shot in the head by the Taliban to attend Oxford

The 20-year old advocate of girls' education attended her first lecture today.

Hate to wait? Here’s how to make that time productive

Some smartphone alternatives to passing time while you wait for trains, kids, or lunch

Beyond sex-ed: Teaching the dignity of the human person in the classroom

Aleteia interviews Anna Halpine, the founder of the World Youth Alliance, about their latest classroom initiative.

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