How mirror neurons can help you raise good kids

Mirror neurons are the secret to empathy and imitation.

How one 4th grader explained his autism to classmates (VIDEO)

9-year-old George wanted his classmates to understand his autism, and now the video has gone viral.

Should the Church apologize for past use of corporal punishment in Catholic schools?

Many Catholics carry old wounds from a time when the culture was very different.

Let’s educate for happiness, not just success

We need to teach our children that a good life means much more than having a great job.

The 5 oldest universities in continuous operation and their famous alumni

These colleges give new meaning to the term "old school."

Trying this little trick when you type might help you — and others — learn (VIDEO)

Maybe you shouldn't dismiss ugly type fonts so easily; they could actually help you!

How Seton Hall University got its name

The Bishop of Newark decided to name the university after his very holy aunt.

Duolingo makes learning a foreign language easy (and free!)

Program makes it fun to learn another tongue

A 3-step method for taking notes

Try this life-hack to help you learn as you listen to a lecture.

The easiest (and hardest) languages to learn according to the U.S. Foreign Service

A ranking of world languages based on how long it takes native English speakers to become proficient

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