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14 Famous people you may be surprised to learn were homeschooled

From poets and scientists to sports stars and celebrities -- home-based education has helped many reach the highest levels of success.

The funeral that was lined with backpacks instead of flowers

This teacher's last wish was granted at her funeral service.

The 9-year-old prodigy who wants to prove that God exists

William Maillis, a “pure genius,” believes Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking got it wrong.

14 Reasons why … your kids should learn the “love of wisdom”

Philosophy is actually useful -- and may be the best thing you can teach children before they grow up.

Mexican parents have a secret to getting kids excited about chores

If you want your kids to voluntarily help around the house, change your mindset (and start them early).

Why you should raise your kids to be plumbers

There's a serious shortage of skilled labor now and it's a threat to our kids' futures.

10 Questions to ask a Catholic college

When deciding which school to attend, use this guide to help you make this important decision.

Catholic school students found to have fewer behavioral issues than others

Study finds Catholic students are “more likely to control their temper."

Christian Colleges will not be forced to provide contraception

Federal court rules that 2011 mandate is unconstitutional.

Is this the solution to the depression epidemic in millennials?

An interesting new theory is circulating ... but does it go far enough?

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