Egyptian monastery built at home of third-century Christian monk reopened

The Monastery of St. Bidaba in Upper Egypt underwent major renovation in 2018

Built by Coptic garbage collectors, the church of St. Simon is the largest in the Middle East

It's the result of the efforts of a sector of the Coptic Christian community in Egypt.

The oldest continuously operating library in the world is in this Egyptian monastery

The Monastery of Saint Catherine in Sinai is also the second richest library on Earth, due to the number and value of its books.

Egypt in process of legalizing many Christian churches

Over 1,000 churches have been legalized as a result of a constitutional change calling for greater religious freedom.

Christian persecution on the rise as 7 are martyred in Egypt

Reaction to Asia Bibi's acquittal in Pakistan stirs fear of more Islamist terrorism.

Egyptian security forces thwart bombing of Christian church

The alleged militant killed himself after not being able to get inside the Coptic church.

Most religious orders can trace their spiritual lineage to Egypt

The deserts of Egypt fostered two foundational types of monasticism.

A church honoring the 21 Egyptian Copts murdered by ISIS, dedicated in Egypt

Three years after the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts, the church was dedicated in presence of their families.

5 Profound sayings from the Desert Fathers on practicing virtue

They have much to teach us about leading a virtuous life.

5 Sayings from the Desert Mothers on how to deal with adversity

These holy women show us what to do in difficult situations.

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