Medieval monastery found under English garage

Experts believe they have located the last of the five great monasteries of Gloucester.

U.K. government issues grants for repairs to churches

Culture Recovery Fund announces funding for renovations during pandemic.

Bottled mineral water comes from original St. Ann’s holy well in England

Buxton Mineral Water has as its source the same geothermal spring that was the source of a well dedicated to the mother of the Virgin Mary.

Hailes Abbey, now in ruins, was once home to Christ’s Blood

Carried from Jerusalem to Charlemagne to the south of England, the relic disappeared in the 16th century.

800-year-old document shows pope’s response to “disgruntled clergy”

On display at Salisbury Cathedral in England is a papal bull permitting church to move due to "bullying soldiers" and "harsh conditions"

English nun who served the poor moves closer to canonization

Elizabeth Prout was a "Mother Teresa" in England, working in an area called "Hell on Earth."

‘Chronicles of Narnia’ statues come to a medieval English church

The new statues include Aslan the Lion, the White Witch, and Mr. Tumnus.

10 of the oldest churches in England

These churches have stood for over 1,000 years as a testament to the enduring Christian faith of England.

5th-century chalice boasts oldest Christian graffiti in Britain

The artifact has also helped date the ancient Roman fort of Vindolanda.

English Catholics struggle to save crucifixion mural in closed church

The mural has survived in the derelict church for 3 years, but will it last much longer?

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