Catholic priest champions homeless in London

The pandemic has led to a surge in homelessness, especially in immigrant communities.

Virtual Shrine of St. Thomas Becket gives glimpse at medieval Church practices

A virtual time machine trip to an important English Catholic site.

Great Britain reports sharp rise in abortions

Numbers are the highest since the 1967 abortion law came into effect.

Prayer book owned by Mary, the Catholic Queen of Scots, to be auctioned off

The illuminated Book of Hours is one of only 14 surviving manuscripts belonging to the Catholic queen before she was executed by order of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I.

Incredible digital facial reconstruction shows image of 900-year-old priest

The unnamed cleric was buried with a chalice and paten.

Online student makes archaeological discovery in isolation

His teacher suggests that it could be a lost Neolithic henge, hidden beneath the English countryside.

See the Coventry “Doom” painting, hidden for nearly 500 years

It took two fires, two restorations, and half a millennium for this masterpiece to go on full display.

U.K. rail workers discover a medieval shrine in cave

The 14th-century remains of the place of worship were found on St. Catherine's Hill, also know as Drakehull or "The Hill of the Dragon."

Rosary Shrine in London can now be visited through VR technology

Virtual tour was planned long before pandemic, but now is helping millions pray and find consolation.

Bones of 7th-century English saint identified

These relics are the oldest remains yet discovered of an English saint and royal relative.

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