Vatican renews call to divest of fossil fuels, supporting ”Laudato si”

The new book will serve as a manual for implementing environmental and social change.

Discover the clever way this Canadian woman is up-cycling school buses

Doni Rae Franklin is finding a way to ensure a good harvest while also saving money.

Why we should thank God for every part of nature

Each part of creation speaks of God's glory, even those we don't like!

Why you should spend more time in a garden

It makes a lot of sense that humanity's very first home was Eden.

Praise God for the beauty of nature with this Psalm

The Psalmist cannot contain his joy at seeing the beauty of God's handiwork.

How the beauty of creation can lead us closer to God

The beauty we see around us in the natural world can point our soul to the Author of that beauty.

Vatican, bishops’ conference preparing to celebrate fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’

Laudato Si’ Week includes online retreat and workshops on eco-spirituality and sustainability.

Coronavirus pandemic seems to be having cleansing effect on environment

In China, air pollution is down a quarter to a third in some places.

Let’s bring back #MeatlessFridays

As the “Meatless Monday” trend grows, let’s reclaim the Friday penance.

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