Pope: Contemplate to find what’s greater than a person or thing’s usefulness

Francis calls us to experience wonder at the great gift God has given us in the world and in each other.

“We have good news to report about the Creator God” (Interview)

Our world doesn't exist by chance, but is a gift, says leader of French bishops after meeting with pope.

Pope Francis explains how he came to care about the environment

Pope describes his process of learning as a "conversion."

‘No to plundering, yes to sharing’: Pope praying in September for the stewards of the earth

“Today, not tomorrow; today, we have to take care of Creation responsibly.”

Mauritius cardinal hails public cleanup effort after oil spill

The small island nation in the Indian Ocean is in a state of environmental emergency.

9 Things to bring for a perfect summer hike

When you hit the trails to enjoy God's creation, make sure you're well equipped!

Vatican renews call to divest of fossil fuels, supporting ”Laudato si”

The new book will serve as a manual for implementing environmental and social change.

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