Sacramental wine vineyard struggles as demand vanishes during pandemic

The makers of communion wafers have also seen a drop in sales.

Don’t abandon spiritual communion even if you’re back at Mass. Here’s why

Repeated throughout the day, it becomes a re-living of a mini Good Friday and Holy Saturday, longing for Easter Sunday.

Why is there a special sink in the sacristy?

The “sacrarium” is a special sink that has a drain directly to the ground to ensure the proper disposal of sacred elements.

Prayer to feel Jesus’s love when receiving communion

Ask Jesus to come into your soul at communion and allow you to feel his love.

The law of inertia and the return to Mass

For all its mighty power, inertia is not, ultimately, the world’s greatest force. Our free will is stronger.

The future Pope Francis was in charge of dealing with this reported Eucharistic miracle

Archbishop Bergoglio organized a scientific study, but decided to handle the events with caution.

Corpus Christi: How the Eucharist unites Earth time with God’s time

It's the feast of a unique and everlasting event.

Coronavirus leads Catholic churches to make changes to Communion

In face of spreading disease, some dioceses are forbidding the Host to be distributed on the tongue.

How the love of husband and wife is fed by the Eucharist

St. John Paul II firmly believed that love within marriage is strengthened by the Eucharist.

Francis Chan and his dream of a Eucharist rooted in the Early Church

The evangelical pastor made waves when he confessed a longing for approaching communion as if it were truly the body an blood of Christ.

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