Sharing a faith with spectacular sinners

When people go to the dark side, most of them keep the other parts of their identity. It’s who they are.

‘God Is Not Nice’: Speaking with Ulrich L. Lehner about his new book

"We should never tame God," says the Marquette professor, who specializes in Early Modern Religious History and Theology.

A quick daily practice to help you be more grateful

All you need is a notebook and a few seconds.

Review: ‘Why I Am Catholic’ is convincing and convicting

If you feel like Catholic apologetics needs something accessible and genial, this is what you want.

Depression or freedom, darkness or light?

Deep grief lays out its stark choices, and forces you to choose.

Pastor finds new churchgoers in an unlikely place

A Methodist minister is combining his love of God and his love of a pint to get pub-goers back to church.

Ex-drug dealer’s “burning bush experience” leads to new life

It began with a prayer, the first he ever uttered.

When Aunty and the cousins don’t believe in God

It's important for kids to learn early on that the best way to love people, and share God with them, is through our own actions.  

Saint Paul, the anti-Jew? Not to me!

A Jewish physicist and convert to Catholicism shares his thoughts on how the Jewish roots of Catholicism inform his faith.

When God lets us wait: The hidden grace of unanswered prayers

St. Paul speaks of a "holy hardening," and this is what we need to be able to "boast of our afflictions."

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