Is your spouse an atheist? Try this exercise

Many couples share everything except their faith, but this can help bring greater love and meaning to your marriage.

The paradox of living in unity with the cross of Christ

Why do Christians exalt the cross, and what does this mean for the crosses each of us carries?

The incredible way one dad gets his daughter to put total trust in him

In this viral video, a father is so reassuring that his young child takes a literal leap of faith.

A Catholic priest’s homily at the funeral of his son

Fr. Albert Scharbach, a priest with the Ordinariate, presided at the Reqiuem Mass for his son Isaac, and his words are moving hearts.

Did you know Catholics have a small number of “obligations”?

The precepts of the Church lay out the bare minimum for what is required to lead a holy life.

If a Parish Visitor knocks on your door, expect an encounter with Jesus

Community founded to reach out to fallen-away Catholics celebrates 100 years.

Catholic man hand-wrote the entire Bible during lockdown

The Bible was presented to Catholic bishops of India before going on display at his local parish.

Author Malcolm Gladwell relates how he re-found Christianity

Two powerful experiences of witness opened writer's eyes to something that was unquantifiable.

When fear of tomorrow becomes an obsession

It's natural to worry about the future, but it can deprive us of the joy of living in the present moment.

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