How to have peace when your prayer goes unanswered

When you beg God for something and don't get it, it's tempting to think God doesn't care, but that's not what's happening.

9 Reasons to love Jim Caviezel

He's a shining light in Hollywood for more reasons than just his great acting.

If we had known what would happen to our daughter, would we have changed it?

When bad things happen, we cannot go back and change it, but how do we move forward in peace?

Sydney bishop launches faith formation podcast

The Epsicopal Podcast, geared towards millennials, will explore Catholic philosophy, theology, history, the sciences, languages and the arts.

Holy Heroes offers free week-long “backyard” summer camp

A great alternative for families who aren't able to attend a local parish's vacation Bible school this summer.

One quarter of British people are tuning into broadcasted religious services

A new poll shows that even young adults are turning to faith during the coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 pandemic leads to stronger faith for some Americans

Pew survey shows a quarter of the population reporting feeling more religious as coronavirus takes toll.

COVID-19 : Why hasn’t God prevented this pandemic?

The coronavirus has raised numerous questions that can shake one’s faith:

How to make room for science in your faith: A guide for Catholics

Revisiting an illuminating book by a Stacy Trasancos, a scientist whose discovery of the limits of science provoked her leap of faith.

4 Teachings of Christ to bear in mind between Easter and Ascension

Scripture doesn't give us many details but these days of the Lord were marked by events that can help us grow in our spiritual lives.

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