John the Baptist vs. Jesus on the Kingdom coming

John ate locusts and no bread. Jesus blessed bread for all.

Find out why this priest was asked to be on ‘The Great American Baking Show’

Fr. Kyle Schnippel, the first priest to appear on the show, has taken his hobby to new heights.

I put my encroaching atheism into God’s hands

Too weak to do something myself, I told God to do it. And then, I had this dream ...

Jesus is not your trump card

The Lord did not accidentally permit those who came after him to teach with authority.

The ‘Justice League,’ and the superhero in you

Lots of Christian metaphors in the latest DC Universe offering, and a message we each should take to heart.

Memento mori: I’m planning my funeral, what about you?

I attend a lot of funerals, and as the final sending away hymn is played, my own mortality comes to mind.

NASCAR: Faith at 200 mph

Photo of the Day: November 18, 2017

4 Stories we tell ourselves that distract us from the truth

If you've become an Instagramming, video-game playing, Disney-obsessed political nut, you may need a reboot.

The power of saying “I love you”

Are any words more heavily charged than these three?

How to persevere, even when fellow Christians let you down

If we cooperate with Grace, it's a simple press forward, combined with three true things.

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