fast take interviews

A fast take on ‘Speaking of the Dead’ with Russell Saltzman

"Death is the penalty for being human, our reality," and if we can't be blunt about it, we shortchange our understanding.

2 Fast-takes on The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion

Co-editors Lisa Hendey and Sarah Reinhard tag-team us to discuss a book every Catholic mom should own.

“Seeking Jesus in Everyday Life”: A fast take with author Julie Davis

We all love to read those helpful pithy quotes. Now we can use them to jumpstart into prayer, too.

How can Ignatian spirituality help you with your teen?

Becoming frustrated with how poorly your teen communicates? Help is here.

‘Vikings at Dino’s’: A fast take with Will Duquette

This "novel of lunch and mayhem" was inspired by the desire to make his kids laugh. It succeeds.

A Fast Take on ‘The Wisdom of the Body’ with Christine Valters Paintner

"I want to reach women who are exhausted by the endless internal criticism."

‘What Will They Say About You When You’re Gone?’ A fast take with Rabbi Daniel Cohen

How do you create a life of legacy, and make every day a masterpiece?

A fast take on ‘Mary’s Way: The Power of Entrusting Your Child to God’ with Judy Klein

Her book deals openly with the truth that parenting can be a "School of Surrender" that needs Mary's example

A Fast Take on ‘What Would Pope Francis Do?’ with Sean Salai, SJ

A Jesuit who predicted there would never be a Jesuit pope answers questions about his book on ... the Jesuit pope!

A fast take on ‘Arriving at Amen’ with Leah Libresco

How a former atheist learned to make space for God in prayer