Here’s what early Christian families ate for dinner

Make your Sunday meal special with this recipe used by early Christians!

Milwaukee nuns to raise funds with biergarten-to-go

The School Sisters of St. Francis offer Beer Garden Boxes to keep the tradition alive during pandemic.

San Pellegrino water is named after a Christian martyr 

For centuries, the water has been known for its healing properties, which Leonardo da Vinci, after months of research, called “miraculous.” 

How Ferrero Rocher chocolates were inspired by the Virgin Mary

The popular chocolate and hazelnut treats were named after the Rocher de Massabielle, the site of the Marian apparition in Lourdes.

7 Healthy foods that Jesus ate

Scriptures show Jesus' Mediterranean diet included figs, fish, lamb, wine, and olive oil.

How to make bread from the time of the Bible

A recipe for whole wheat flatbread that might have been served at the Last Supper

One day my prince will come … Maybe, but read this

In our quest for the perfect mate, we can forget that the perfect human doesn’t exist.  

Discover the clever way this Canadian woman is up-cycling school buses

Doni Rae Franklin is finding a way to ensure a good harvest while also saving money.

5 Food podcasts for cooking inspiration

Getting tired of the same old recipes? Find ideas and inspiration in these great listens.

How to introduce your child to healthy food

A few tips from nutritionists on how to get children to eat nutritious food without meltdowns.

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