Why bonfires were a popular tradition on All Saints’ Eve

Catholics were known in England for their large fires around the feasts of All Saints and All Souls.

Fright Night: 5 Horror movies with a Catholic sensibility

These movies will send chills up the spines of anyone who dares to watch them.

Souling for cakes and beer: The Catholic tradition of trick-or-treating on Halloween

Instead of begging for candy, children and adults knocked on doors and exchanged "soul cakes" and ale for prayers.

Is Halloween a holy day of obligation in the Catholic Church?

Attending the vigil Mass on "All Hallows' Eve" fulfills your duty for All Saints Day.

Is there any reason to be afraid of Halloween?

Ghost stories and urban legends combine to create an atmosphere of fear on what's supposed to be a day of rejoicing.

The first Halloween began with an exorcism

The origins of Halloween are rooted in a massive exorcism performed in the 7th century.

Do Catholics believe in paranormal activity?

For Catholics there is no mystery as to who is behind certain paranormal phenomenon.

St. Teresa of Avila’s haunting vision of Hell

The vision reminded her of the mercy of God and how he spared her this horrendous fate.

The spiritual dangers of ghost hunting

Halloween "ghost hunts" are on the rise as more people try to catch a glimpse of the paranormal.

Do real haunted houses exist?

Or are they all just hoaxes meant to scare people?

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