Is the phrase “hocus pocus” a parody of the priest’s words at Mass?

It has been used by magicians around the world for hundreds of years.

Has Halloween horror morphed from innocent fun to a troubling symptom?

It's not the use of the supernatural that bothers me, it's the decorations.

When a satanic follower tried to steal the Eucharist

She got as far as the cemetery when this happened ...

A classical music playlist for Halloween

Spooky and dramatic music to help you get in the mood.

Holy cuteness: 10 babies dressed as the pope for Halloween

These adorable pontiffs win Halloween, hands down.

It’s time to take a stand against hypersexualized Halloween costumes

Here's how we can band together and send a strong message.

World responds to 7-year-old cancer patient’s Halloween wish

People from all over are taking part in "Brocktober."

Why celebrating Halloween is a generous thing to do

Here are 6 hospitable acts we can all do as neighbors.

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