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4 Ways to stay fit in the summer heat

As temperatures soar, it can be a challenge to maintain your exercise routine. Here are 4 ways to beat the heat (literally)!

How setting boundaries can free you from guilt

This may just be one the best things you can do as a parent and as an individual.

Wife finds creative way to help her husband through depression

This "rural-style shuffle dance" will definitely make you smile!

5 Ways Jesus Dealt With Difficult People

Jesus asked questions, was not defensive, and knew when to ignore something.

Sitting a lot these days? Here’s how to reverse the effects of bad posture 

Here are ways to fix your posture and strengthen your core.

10 Questions for personal reflection as coronavirus lockdown ends

Let's not let this opportunity for insight and growth pass by without taking advantage of it.

Why you should spend more time in a garden

It makes a lot of sense that humanity's very first home was Eden.

The best kinds of exercise to boost your immune system

Boosting our immunity is especially important today, but not all exercise is created equal, so here's a guide...

9 Saints with epic beards

When it comes to great facial hair, these holy men lead the pack.

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