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Health and Wellness

Many Japanese live to 100 — what’s their secret?

We can look forward to a longer life by challenging our attitudes about aging.

Opioids become one of the primary causes of death in the USA

42,249 people died in 2016 from opioid overdoses (nearly 116 per day, or 5 every hour).

10 Herbal remedies for body and soul from a 12th-century mystic

St. Hildegard von Bingen was a 12th-century botanist whose wisdom is still helpful today.

The UN sounds the alarm: Record-high production of opium and cocaine

It also warns about the non-medical use of prescription medications.

Why we can’t live without music

Music isn't just fun to listen to, it has many benefits and helps us to grow and improve.

Study finds that seeing the same doctor every time may save your life

In today's health care system "continuity of care", while difficult to achieve, is linked to lower mortality rates and other positive health outcomes.

The best tick-prevention strategies for summer

The tick population is exploding, and so are cases of Lyme disease -- but prevention is the best medicine.

5 Alternatives to yoga that Catholics can try

These programs give you all the physical benefits while keeping your Christian faith front and center.

Here’s what you gain when you get enough sleep

Your body does all sorts of repair and maintenance work while you sleep, so make sure you get your 8 hours!

10 Smart eating strategies from our great grandparents

Living (and eating) the way elder generations did still makes a lot of sense today.

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