Health and Wellness

4 Reasons you should squat every day

Squats aren't exercise -- they're a way God designed us to move that helps us regulate everything and enjoy better health.

Why getting an early start is vital for a successful day

They say the early bird gets the worm -- here's why it's true.

Here’s why ditching the news will make you happier

By cutting down on sources of misinformation and outrage, we just may end up better informed ... and more at peace.

10 Tips for a daughter stepping out into the adult world

As your 18-year-old-plus daughter spreads her wings, arm her with these helpful pointers.

Young vapers are five times more at risk of contracting COVID-19

This increased danger could dissuade youngsters from vaping and using nicotine.

Distance-learning this fall? Don’t forget PE!

PE is more than just an added bonus at school -- in fact, physical activity is the most crucial element for learning

11 Important tips for wearing a mask in hot temperatures

Doctors offer a little advice to help make mask-wearing a little more manageable.

The value of a life, even with dementia

There is so much more within a person than we suspect.

5 Reasons to ditch your shoes this summer

The human foot is a marvel of God's creation. Let's liberate our feet and walk the way we were made to!

3 Ways to boost your health by breathing better

Yes, there's a best way to breathe -- here are 3 steps to getting it right.

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