A few spiritual reasons why God would allow sickness

If we keep in mind that God is a loving Father, it will be easier to get through the trials of our fallen world.

Meditate on Jesus’ suffering when you are sick

An illness is easier to endure when we unite it to Jesus' pain on the cross.

On the power of Scripture in the healing of trauma

A new study finds that of those who turn to the Bible when they are suffering experience greater healing than those who do not.

Why Catholics should pay attention to what they eat

We can purchase and consume food in a conscientious way, true to our beliefs and concern for others.

St. Benedict showed what to do in a pandemic

It's pretty amazing how well some 6th-century principles can guide us today.

How to help a spouse if they’ve fallen seriously ill

Keep this in mind as you strive to live out "in sickness and in health."

Prayer for the recovery of a sick person

If you know someone who is sick, pray this prayer for them.

These priests and nuns are running a 5K for Catholic education

The clergy and faithful alike take part in Steps for Students, an annual fundraiser.

Novena prayer to St. Peregrine, patron of cancer patients

This prayer can be prayed by all those who are sick, especially cancer patients.

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