Queen’s first Zoom call is to give thanks to caregivers

The British sovereign embraces new technology to share a vital message of gratitude.

Catholic doctor chooses to live with homeless people to protect them from coronavirus

Inspired by Mother Teresa, Dr. Thomas Huggett and his team care for at-risk populations, and the pandemic has increased their efforts greatly.

Doctor dad dresses as dinosaur to visit family

When the pandemic kept this husband and father from seeing his loved ones, he found an ingenious solution.

“I’ll watch over you for what you’ve done”: A patient’s last words to the nurse who cared for her

A nurse went out of her way to help a dying coronavirus patient, and received in return a precious legacy.

3 Ways you can help the sick from home

You may be stuck at home right now but you can still make a big difference for those who are ill.

Catholic healthcare professionals bring faith and compassion to pandemic response

“Some of us are going to do things or are doing things that are beyond our capabilities,” one doctor says.

Nurse fighting coronavirus gets this heartwarming letter from young daughter

The virus is forcing harsh restrictions on families, but kids can honor their parents as everyday heroes.

Catholic hospital is first facility in New York dedicated to COVID-19 patients

Western New York healthcare system converting St. Joseph's Hospital for coronavirus response.

Catholic online healthcare organization offering help for coronavirus

First line of defense should be a phone call, health experts advise.

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