Holy Week

How to depict the Resurrection in art: Noli me tangere

The moment when the resurrected Jesus told Mary Magdalene "don't hold on to me" has inspired artists over the centuries.

Watch the live-streaming of the Holy Shroud of Turin here

“We contemplate on this cloth the icon of the crucified Lord Jesus … To him we entrust ourselves; in him we trust.”

The early Church abstained from Mass on Holy Saturday

Similar to Good Friday, Holy Saturday was a solemn day of silence in the early Church.

Queen adapts Maundy Thursday tradition due to COVID-19 outbreak

This unusual gesture will be much appreciated by the recipients.

Celebrate Easter Sunday Mass with the pope at 11 am (5 am EST) here

The 'urbi et orbi' blessing with the possibility of gaining a plenary indulgence will follow the Mass.

Pope leads moving Via Crucis with prisoners’ reflections

Francis says the lines describing their stories have made him feel welcome and at home.

Pray for those in agony on Good Friday

While contemplating Jesus on the cross, lift-up all those in the world who are suffering their own last agony.

Turn with these saints to the crucifix, to learn with them

Teresa of Avila, Bonaventure, and so many more learned their sublimest lessons by gazing at the crucifix.

Christ’s Crown of Thorns has survived war, revolution, and Notre Dame’s fire

Verified thorns from the supreme relic of the Crucifixion can be found in church collections and even the British Museum.

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