Holy Week

Catholic doctor examines Christ’s Passion from a medical perspective

He attempts to pin down the cause of Christ's death using modern medical understanding.

These Catholics honor their Jewish history with a Passover Seder

Hosting a Seder feast during Holy Week is an excellent way to bring the family together and teach the mysteries of faith.

What does INRI on a crucifix mean?

The letters are frequently found on the top of crucifixes and are straight out of the Bible.

How the chalice and burial of Jesus are connected

Each element of the chalice has profound symbolism, linking it to Jesus' Passion, death and resurrection.

The Filipino tradition that replaces the “Glory Be” with this prayer during Holy Week

This alternative prayer is used saying the Rosary, and focuses our minds on the somber reality of the Passion.

A guide to Holy Week in Rome

What to expect if you are headed to the Vatican this Easter, or if you plan to watch the festivities from home.

Holy Week at the Gulf of Naples

Photo of the Day: April 6, 2018

What was wrong with the disciples?

Wherever else the Gospels may disagree, they agree always on the extent of the thickheaded obtuseness of the disciples.

Where is Jesus when he doesn’t rescue us from our pain?

What was the point of "The Harrowing of Hell"?

Cantalamessa’s Good Friday homily: He who saw it has borne witness

To encounter Christ personally is still possible today because he is risen; he is a living person, not a personage.

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