How the house you live in reflects who you are

Psychotherapist Anne-Catherine Desmichelle-Chardon explains what our house symbolizes.

5 Hacks to make house cleaning an occasion of grace

These strategies can give all those chores a greater purpose.

Why you deserve a beautiful home

William Morris and his designs and beliefs speak to the great truth that beauty matters in our everyday lives.

One of the most important lessons St. Martha teaches us

What was wrong with Martha's desire to take care of the practical needs of Jesus?

How to fall in love with the place you live

Are your surroundings getting you down? Here's how to find more contentment.

Moving to a new home: How to overcome fear of unknown

Leaving “home sweet home” can be an ordeal, even if it’s done for good reasons.

Fed up with the daily round of menial chores? Do them with God

Clearing up the kids' toys, doing the shopping, emptying the dishwasher, fixing meals ... Here's how to do them with a smile on your face.

Why you should spend more time in a garden

It makes a lot of sense that humanity's very first home was Eden.

These timely free workshops show you how to have “Heaven in your home”

Husband and wife team Soren and Ever Johnson have a brilliant plan for making your home a place of lasting happiness.

This stunning “stained glass” trend is going viral in Catholic homes

It's a beautiful way to celebrate and share our faith in this Easter season, and a fun project for the whole family!

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