Advanced humanism: A proposal to balance posthumanism

What's on the table isn't "what we will do" in the future, but "what we will be."

The natural Catholicism of Michel de Montaigne

The great French essayist seems to have thought that, as a living man does not have to give reasons for his breathing, he did not need to explain his beliefs.

The mystical drawings of St. John of the Cross

A look at the preliminary sketches that summarize the argument of the saint's book in a clear, straightforward manner.

Can philosophers teach us anything about God and religion?

As it has happened with all philosophical terminology, the word "God" has been used to refer to different things.

The risk of falling in love with ideas

When debate is oversimplified, society is divided into "good guys" and "bad guys."

The transcendental world of Emily Dickinson, in a single poem

The pain Emily Dickinson describes is pain you might initially be able to ignore. But it’s relentless.

Simone Weil, on attention and religious life

"Attentiveness without an object is prayer in its supreme form."

Our “culture of tolerance” was shaped by modern thinkers and St. Paul alike

St. Paul wrote "Don’t have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels."

Newly reopened room in the Vatican was once the largest library in the world

The Sixtus V Room in the Vatican Library still holds the record for the largest fresco-covered space that isn't a church.

4 Courtroom dramas that are just as inspirational as ‘Marshall’

These films tell us that our system, as imperfect as it can be, does work..