The (true) legend of India’s only Catholic Queen

Begum Samru ruled over a vast and rich province in northern India in such a manner that even the British East India Company considered her a threat.

Typhoon leaves 32 fishermen dead in India, hundreds remain missing

Thousands forced to relocate from predominately Catholic coastal communities

The Lourdes of India: Our Lady of Vailankanni

The Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health is popularly known as "the Eastern Lourdes."

While Americans focus on Harvey’s floods, torrential rains leave South Asians in peril

More than 1,200 in India, Nepal and Bangladesh have died, and the rains aren't letting up.

Serving the poorest of the poor

Photo of the Day: August 12, 2017

MIT: Heat and humidity could make life impossible in Southern Asia by the end of the century

The regions that would likely be hardest hit include India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, home to more than a billion people.

India pushes to make every car electric by the year 2030

The country’s growing economy is fueling a huge appetite for gas and a bigger pollution problem.

Enough joy to dance

Photo of the Day: May 7, 2017

This Indian doctor hopes to end female feticide by delivering girl babies for free

His country's cultural preference for boys has led to widespread sex-selective abortion.

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