Commission singles out India for religious freedom violations

World's second-most populous nation should be Country of Particular Concern, panel recommends.

India: Suffering and consolation in a time of COVID-19

The total shutdown of the country has brought great hardship. Small Christian communities, however, are providing food, masks, and spiritual support.

Indian riots: “They’re killing my Muslim brethren! Can I remain silent?”

More than 40 are dead and hundreds are injured after a Hindu nationalist outbreak in India. The main victims are Muslims, religious minorities in India.

Indian church cautions flock against “Love Jihad”

Leaders of this Eastern rite claim Christian girls are being lured into marriages with Islamist militants.

The heart of Catholic India is in the state of Goa

Goa became Catholic by way of Portuguese missionaries, but it also has a Christian history stretching back to Apostolic times.

Dispute holds up construction of India’s largest statue of Jesus

Hindus protest 114-foot monument, which would rival Rio de Janeiro's.

Visiting Indian archbishop killed in California car crash

Archbishop Dominic Jala died along with driver of car, another priest from India.

The Sé Cathedral in Goa will make you want to go on a pilgrimage to India

One of the largest churches in Asia, the Sé Cathedral has served the people of Goa since the 17th century.

Catholic Church in India vows to fight for rights of minority Christians

In recent years, both Christians and Muslims have increasingly been targeted with violence and harassment by radical Hindu nationalists.

Eleven years after a bloody massacre, Christians in India maintain the faith

Indian Catholic journalist Anto Akkara says he is inspired by their dedication in the face of persecution.

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