The man who saved 2.4 million babies with his blood

James Harrison just made his 1,173rd -- and final -- donation.

Four inspiring phrases from four popular saints

Can you tell who said what? Flip the cards to find out.

This sick little girl’s miraculous story could save your life …

She didn't have a choice about needing a heart transplant -- but you do.

Church coffee shops are creating a stir in their communities

These parish-based cafes offer the perfect blend of coffee, conversation, and hope.

Dad buys his son’s novel in same bookstore that changed his life 60 years earlier

This touching father-son story is a testament to perseverance, courage, and parental sacrifice.

Watch this little girl’s joy at receiving a prosthetic arm for the first time (VIDEO)

A charity in the UK is helping children with limb deformities feel whole again.

Three school boys awarded for saving a suicidal man’s life 

If it weren’t for their bravery, police say, the man would not be alive today.

A “formidable” woman: Pilot Tammie Jo Shults’ heroism was no surprise to those who know her

The captain of Southwest flight 1380 was prepared to meet the challenge she faced, which includes being equipped with faith.

Policeman saves lives of three women — and credits the Virgin Mary

It's no coincidence what Officer Federick Yap was praying shortly before all three calls came in.

When writer Celeste Ng decided not to mind her own business, it changed a life

Unlike everyone else, one woman decided to stop and ask the question, "Are you all right?"

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