Inspiring stories

This unusual act of kindness will surely lift your spirits

When a theft becomes a beautiful reminder of all that is good in the world.

Girl expected to live 3 months is now 8, and was prayed for by Pope Francis

This little girl with spinal muscular atrophy is changing the world, and befriending the Holy Father in the process.

Brazilian grandfather creates bicycle for granddaughter with cerebral palsy

This little girl wanted to ride a bike, so her grandfather put together an ingenious invention to make her dream come true.

Police officers pay for food that a man stole for his child

Treating others with humanity and kindness has never been more important.

Resourceful girl uses simple craft to raise $14,000 (and counting!) for COVID supplies

When a 7-year-old from Chicago started making and selling bracelets and donating the proceeds, her project went viral beyond her wildest dreams!

101-year old Brazilian woman attributes healing from COVID-19 to a miracle of the Eternal Father

A special devotion to God the Father strengthened this elderly woman and her family as they faced the virus.

The child who helps and protects other children from COVID-19

A little boy in Mexico City was concerned about homeless children during the pandemic, so he took action to help.

Nurse fighting COVID-19 finds the firefighter who saved her life

Decades after a little girl nearly died in a fire, she found a way to connect with the man who gave her a second chance at life.

Amazon employee stops to pray for baby on her delivery rounds

The kind gesture, caught on camera, has now gone viral.

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