‘I Still Believe,’ the must-see movie for Lent 2020

Jeremy Camp's biopic is a tragic romance that will leave viewers full of hope.

Stephen Colbert talks about why he returned to Catholicism

The late-night comedy host doesn't turn away from a discussion of religion.

Every dad should listen to Rebecca Roubion’s “Anywhere I Go”

The best musical tribute to the father/daughter bond relationship

‘Jesus Is Life’: An interview with the artists behind the Holy Project

"Is it possible to win the world for Jesus with one music video?"

MercyMe’s Bart Millard says new movie ‘I Can Only Imagine’ is a “redemption story worth being told”

Bart Millard, the subject of the upcoming movie about the singer of the most popular Christian song, talks with Aleteia.

“I think Aquinas might have enjoyed bluegrass”: An interview with The Hillbilly Thomists

These talented friars of the Order of Preachers have reached Billboard's Top 10 bluegrass albums chart.

‘Ode to St. Cecilia’: The patron saint of musicians comes to life

A new radio drama tells the story of the young saint who has inspired artists over the centuries.

Get to know Anna Hofmann, a fresh voice in opera and sacred music

Raised an atheist, this emerging voice found her faith in the choir.

RabelzTheMC is “bridging the gap” between Catholicism and Hip-Hop

An interview with RabelzTheMC on his faith and music

A fast take on ‘Speaking of the Dead’ with Russell Saltzman

"Death is the penalty for being human, our reality," and if we can't be blunt about it, we shortchange our understanding.

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