A Christian convert from Iran: “The Bible is all that I have”

Seyed Mohammad Mahdi was forced to leave his home and is now living as a refugee in Spain.

In Iran, “a church without martyrs would be like a tree without fruit”

The head of the Iranian Chaldean Church talks to Aid to the Church in Need (ANC) about the plight of Christians in Iran.

Iran’s Christian minority: officially sanctioned but in reality persecuted

Recent tensions between the Islamic Republic and the United States have brought light to religious freedom issue.

UN chief warns of “new conflagration” in Middle East between Iran and Israel

Following Trump action on Iran nuclear deal, Israel fears increased hostility against it

Trump to withdraw US from Iran nuclear deal

President blasts Obama-era agreement

Why are these women on billboards all over Iran?

In spite of the nation's oppressive laws, a recent campaign could be a step forward.

What you need to know about the protests in Iran

Calls for reform indicate strong feelings about strict Islamist lifestyle.

Can a woman safely run through Iran alone?

Kristina Paltén set out on a mission and surprised even herself by what she discovered.

“A Million Christians” in the Country of Mullahs

Iranian groups say the Christian population is growing

Muslims Entering Europe Becoming Christians in Record Numbers

Is conversion sincere, or just a way to secure asylum status?

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