Christianity’s return to Iraq

Photo of the Day: December 7, 2017

Iraqi Archbishop is on a mission to save persecuted Christians from extinction

With ISIS gone, Archbishop Bashar Warda seeks help getting refugees back home.

ISIS executed 741 civilians in Mosul, says UN

Victims and survivors testify to mass killings of Iraqis

Disabled Army veteran tells 5-year-old why she is his hero (VIDEO)

And the conversation between Simon Brown and little Temperance Pattinson is heartbreakingly sweet.

Knights of Columbus pledge $2 million to rebuild Iraqi town, resettle families

Carl Anderson announced the plan during the 135th annual convention of the Knights of Columbus.

After years of captive slavery by ISIS, freed Yazidi women seek further escape

“This is what they have done to our people,” says the uncle of a newly escaped young woman.

Iraqi military declares victory over ISIS

"Their fictitious state has fallen."

ISIS, in possible admission of defeat, destroys historic mosque in Mosul

Islamic State leader had announced "caliphate" from this site and flown black flag from its minaret since 2014

The Iraqi offensive to free Mosul from ISIS is on its final stage

Iraqi forces have successfully confined the so-called Islamic State militia into a square mile of territory within Mosul’s “Old City”.

Iraqi priest protects ancient Christian manuscripts from ISIS

The Dominican friar has stayed a step ahead of militants bent on the destruction of evidence of pre-Islamic history.

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