Chaldean patriarch trying to support the faith of Iraq’s Catholics during pandemic

A country already struggling in its post-war years now taking extreme measures to fight coronavirus spread.

In northern Iraq, a ravaged Christian village comes back to life

After the ISIS occupation ended in October 2016, the village became a ghost town. 

Cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq come alive in VR exhibit in Washington

Palmyra and other sites reconstructed for Smithsonian visitors in virtual walk-through.

Iraqi town destroyed by ISIS rises again 

Aid to the Church in Need speaks with Chaldean Catholics who are bringing Christianity back to the Nineveh Plains.

Young Iraqi Christian eyes future with mixture of hope and dread

After fleeing ISIS, a young Syriac Orthodox man talks to Aid to the Church in Need.

Christians are slowly returning to Iraq, says Syriac Patriarch

The invasion of ISIS in 2014 triggered a mass exodus of the region's Christians.

Steubenville enters partnership with Iraq university

Catholic University of Erbil finds "big brother" in Franciscan.

Aid to the Church in Need begins repair of churches, church buildings in Christian homeland in Iraq

Some 45 percent of the population that had fled the onslaught of ISIS in 2014 has returned; shops have reopened, many houses have been repaired, and Church life has picked up thanks to this essential …

Deadly protests in their country leave Iraqi Christians between hope and fear

Some, mostly young Christians on the Nineveh Plains have expressed solidarity with the protestors in Baghdad.

Christians in Iraq still have many hurdles before they can get home

Kurdish and Iranian-backed militias and a resurgent ISIS are just a few of the impediments, witnesses say at USCIRF hearing.

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