Youth Call Education Key in Solving Israel-Palestine Conflict

Education and interpersonal interaction offer the best hope for change in the situation between Israel and Palestine, young students said at a recent panel.

We Call Upon All in Egypt to Stop the Violence, Jerusalem Clergy Say in Statement

The Patriarchs and Heads of churches in Jerusalem request intervention by International Community, thank those Muslims who have tried to protect Christians, and ask for God's guidance for Egypt's …

US Bishops Calls for Nuclear Disarmament, Middle East Peace Efforts

The Church has called for a nuclear weapons ban for years

Two Films Show Different Sides of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

One film exposes the Israeli military mind-set, the other tells a story of charity in the midst of tragedy

Airstrikes Are Against Hezbollah, Not Syrian Gov’t, Israel Says

"There are no winds of war," says an Israel general commander

Obama calls for “end to occupation” in West Bank

Exerts pressure for new Palestinian state

Obama says US is Israel’s strongest ally in first trip to the country as president

Aides said he wants to assess the status of the stalled peace process

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