A Franciscan monastery near the Jordan River re-opens after area is cleared of land mines

The monastery of the Franciscan missionaries serving the Holy Land was abruptly shut down in 1968 after the outbreak of war between Israel and Palestine.

An ancient earring found in Jersualem hints at extent of Greek influence

The earring may have been worn by a Greek or a local “Hellenised Jew.”

Construction of mosaic museum leads to discovery of another ancient mosaic

This "new" mosaic will be another featured piece of the new museum.

Martha and Mary are alive and well in Bethany, keeping the economy on its feet

Women are part of an exciting new initiative in the place where Lazarus rose from the dead.

Concealed cross found on Byzantine-era artifact in Israel site

The discovery sheds more light on the relationship between Christians and Muslims during the early Islamic period.

Mosaics found in medieval synagogue tell a tale of Jewish life in Galilee

Jewish village thrived under Christian rule in the 5th century.

The Holy Land Franciscans have been leading pilgrims for 800 years

For 800 years, the Holy Land Franciscans have been entrusted with a sacred duty: guardianship of the most precious sites of the Christian faith.

Can the Bible be used as a historical guide? One archaeologist thinks so

A faithful archaeologist is at odds with his secular peers.

The biblical traditions of Israeli cuisine brought to the 21st century

The Jewish people find their cultural identity by tracing their ancient dietary traditions.

UN chief warns of “new conflagration” in Middle East between Iran and Israel

Following Trump action on Iran nuclear deal, Israel fears increased hostility against it