Scientists find famed Italian crucifix is oldest wood sculpture in Europe

The results support the icon's origins as recounted in medieval legend.

San Pellegrino water is named after a Christian martyr 

For centuries, the water has been known for its healing properties, which Leonardo da Vinci, after months of research, called “miraculous.” 

Priests in Rome will be offered free coronavirus antibody tests

As the Catholic Diocese of Rome emerges from lockdown, priests may register for free antibody tests which could indicate immunity.

The “urban shrines” where Catholics in Naples, Italy, stop to pray

The Italian city is known for street shrines honoring the Madonna and local saints.

Exclusive photos: Rome after the coronavirus lockdown

As restrictions ease, the Eternal City begins to reemerge.

This beloved pastry was invented by a Catholic nun in the 17th century

The Neapolitan treat has been a best-seller ever since. 

As crowds return, Vatican warns against aggressive disinfecting of cultural objects

Post-lockdown period brings new concern to artistic patrimony in churches and museums.

Italian churches prepare to have funerals again, but public Masses are still banned

For eight weeks, the bereaved were prohibited from gathering together to mourn.

The island where St. Francis took refuge to reflect

The beloved saint shows us that forced periods of isolation from society can be turned into spiritual experiences of contemplation, prayer and reflection.

This Italian town raised the sword of St. Michael the Archangel as protection from COVID-19

The sword was carried in procession along with the Blessed Sacrament and a relic of the Holy Cross through the southern Italian town of Gargano.

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