The Catholic churches that dot the beautiful island of Capri

The island off Italy's Amalfi coast is home to many beautiful churches hidden among cobbled streets and dramatic cliffs.

The Italian monasteries keeping the ancient tradition of candle making alive

Most candles used in church today are mass-produced, but a handful of Italian monasteries still make them by hand (and you can buy them online).

Take a tour of the beautiful mosaics of Ravenna, Italy

The former capital of the Holy Roman Empire is a treasure trove of stunning mosaics, including outstanding Byzantine-era Christian examples.

Discovering the church where Tintoretto is buried

The Venetian master rests in the stunning church of Santa Maria Dell’Orto. 

In Italy, religious guest houses are reopening after coronavirus lockdown

Pilgrims and tourists alike are invited to stay at monasteries and convent houses.

Young Italian priest goes viral with Catholic educational YouTube channel

When the world pandemic canceled his youth ministry, Fr. Ravagnani found a way to reach young people directly.

A new pilgrimage hiking path in Italy dedicated to Saint John Paul II opens

The hike connecting the Sancutary of Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows to the Sanctuary of John Paul II is located in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Scientists find famed Italian crucifix is oldest wood sculpture in Europe

The results support the icon's origins as recounted in medieval legend.

San Pellegrino water is named after a Christian martyr 

For centuries, the water has been known for its healing properties, which Leonardo da Vinci, after months of research, called “miraculous.” 

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