Meditate daily on God’s love for you

One of the most important aspects of a healthy spiritual life is a daily meditation on God's love for you.

The largest Jesus statue in Africa: Jesus de Greatest

Built by a layman, this is the fifth largest statue in Africa.

How do we know this is where Jesus was baptized?

Plenty of different clues point at this very special site as the one where Jesus was baptized by John.

Dispute holds up construction of India’s largest statue of Jesus

Hindus protest 114-foot monument, which would rival Rio de Janeiro's.

Fitness goals for the new year? Follow the example of Jesus and the Apostles

Jesus and his followers are great role models for those choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Masterful painting of Jesus by 8-year-old prodigy saved from obscurity

The artwork was condemned, stolen, mistakenly sold, and locked away for 16 years.

Where did Jesus’ ascension into Heaven take place?

According to tradition, Jesus rose up to Heaven from this mountain.

Three of the oldest images of Jesus portray him as the “Good Shepherd”

Early Christian art found in the catacombs in Rome shows Jesus carrying a lamb on his shoulders.

Shroud of Turin exhibit planned for Washington, DC’s Museum of the Bible

The museum hopes to open a high-tech, innovative exhibition on the object many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ.

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