Jubilee Year of Mercy

For Mother Teresa, the “joy of loving” contains the seeds of suffering, too

How Saint Teresa of Calcutta gave service to the world through a sacrificial unity with Christ

Why does Pope Francis want us to watch the movie “Babette’s Feast”?

The Holy Father's favorite film challenges us to look outside of ourselves in service to mercy

Works of mercy from the 4th grade

Kids say the darndest things -- and sometimes the wisest. Here's what they said when asked what instances of mercy they had witnessed.

The lazy way to fall in love with others

Offering hospitality to someone I’m reluctant to invite over is a risk that’s usually worth taking.

What happened when a small voice said, “Mom, who was that guy?”

My children were thinking that you only are kind to people you know. It was time to refocus. It was time to live kindly on purpose.

A final question for the Year of Mercy: Is my life under the Lordship of Christ?

Is he is the center of my life, around which everything turns and by which everything else is measured?

Confronted by the Commandant of Auschwitz

Can we desire the mercy of heaven for a villain of history? It's a daunting proposition, but it shouldn't be a surprising one.

Mercy begins in the mind

Knowing people's stories helps open up a closed heart

What happened when I asked a stranger if I could pray for her

She would be entrusting spiritual intimacy to me, a woman she knew nothing about

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