A Catholic priest has helped bury thousands of Jews

Fr. Patrick Desbois hopes work documenting the Eastern European Holocaust will help prevent future genocides.

Unearthed 5th-century mosaics give glimpse of ancient Judaism

Biblical realities continue to unfold in the Holy Land.

Jesus and Elijah: A unique biblical relationship

Elijah is one of the very few characters to enter Heaven alive, according to the Bible.

Check out this rabbi’s gesture for the World Youth Day in Panama

"This is one of the ways we have found to contribute our little grain of sand towards the success of the event, and to witness to the excellent relations we have with the Church."

An intro to Hanukkah

Interestingly, Scripture references to this Jewish holiday are found only in the Catholic Old Testament.

Benedict XVI says theologian’s interpretation of his writing on Jews is “nonsense”

Notes that Catholics are called to dialogue with Jews about identity of Jesus, but not mission, since they already know the One God

Pope: A Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots

Warns that if "the darkest pages of history do not teach us to avoid the same errors, human dignity will remain a dead letter."

Pope: “We are all wounded” by synagogue attack

Prays that the Lord might “help us to extinguish the hotbeds of hatred that are developing in our societies,

The Bavarian monastery that hosted 5,000 refugees in Post-War Germany

Some 450 babies were born at this monastery in the years following the end of the war.

Watch King Solomon’s Temple being rebuilt in 3D

The First Temple was virtually reconstructed following the description found in the First Book of Kings.