March for Life

Life in the Gap

It’s time for our annual pro-life gut-check.

Ten Reasons Why the March for Life is So Important

Easily the greatest human rights protest movement in history.

Snowy Conditions Fail to Dampen the Spirits of March for Life Participants

Hundreds of thousands of marchers – most of them youth – will brave the elements in Wednesday’s march.

Mary Leading the March for Life

The donor paying for a quarter of Benedictine College's student population to go to the March for Life had one stipulation.

March for Life Broadens Focus to Engage Cultural, Political Realms

March for Life president Jeanne Monahan says that the group's “plan and hope is to be more of a year-round organization.”

March Leaders Can Thank the Unaborted Bishop

My favorite argument against abortion is the George Bailey argument.

Slovakia Stuns Europe With Colossal March For Life

The official MC and a Member of European Parliament speak to Aleteia about the unforgettable occasion

March for Life Founder Still Influencing Movement After Death

A year after her death, Nellie Gray – called the “Joan of Arc of the pro-life movement” – is still having a profound impact on the annual March for Life that she started nearly 40 years ago.

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