Salvadoran seminary rector shot to death

Bishops of the country call for investigation, lament other priests' deaths.

How you can become an Irish “green martyr”

Irish monks desired solitude above all things and offered their isolation as a type of martyrdom.

Martyrs’ shrine honors 21 victims of ISIS on 5th anniversary of their death

A new exhibition documents the plight of the Christian men who were beheaded by ISIS on a Libyan beach in February 2015.

29 Missionaries lost their lives in 2019, Vatican says

Africa bears the greatest burden for second year in a row.

There will always be martyrs, says Pope Francis

Praises Ukrainians who risked their lives to give future generations "an eloquent witness of firm faith, of living faith, of Catholic faith"

Vestments of Estonian bishop who died in prison returned to his cathedral

Archbishop Eduard Profittlich was taken to a Soviet camp, where he died of exposure in 1942.

This wheelchair-bound woman was a martyr of the Rosary in the Soviet Union

She was shot for hosting a Rosary prayer group at her home.

Pope reflects on modern Christian persecution during his first visit to a catacomb

On All Souls Day Pope Francis visited the Catacombs of Priscilla and offered a Mass in its small chapel.

Portuguese nun murdered for resisting rape could be beatified

Sister "Radical" Antónia was known for her service to the sick and elderly, and for riding a motorcycle to her sick calls

The first Catholic priest to say Mass in Manhattan

Even before his gruesome death, Isaac Jogues was called a “martyr for Christ.”

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