Enrich your daily prayer life during isolation with Magnificat

The monthly spiritual guidebook offers discounted trial subscriptions during pandemic.

Still watching the Mass online? Here’s a missal for you

Oregon Catholic Press has published a missal for those who can't attend Mass in person.

You’ve probably never heard this rare sequence to honor St. Francis

The Schola Cantorum Gloriae Dei choir will perfrom this gorgeous Latin chant on St. Francis' feast day.

Poll finds majority of U.S. Catholics would attend Mass more frequently than before pandemic

Among election-oriented questions, Catholics reveal the extent of the lockdown's influence on their faith.

Religious ceremonies online: The salvation and destruction of today’s faith

A new study finds that the popularity of online Masses threatens the life of the Church.

Sacramental wine vineyard struggles as demand vanishes during pandemic

The makers of communion wafers have also seen a drop in sales.

A Catholic priest’s homily at the funeral of his son

Fr. Albert Scharbach, a priest with the Ordinariate, presided at the Reqiuem Mass for his son Isaac, and his words are moving hearts.

Mark Wahlberg shares his delight at finally being at Mass

Like millions of Catholics, the actor has been missing his regular church service.

3 Things to think about before you go back to Mass

Parishes are opening up all over the country -- but with COVID-19 cases rising, you should still be prudent.

Unable to sing, Catholic parishes return to an ancient form of sacred music

Catholic composers are writing new music in the old style.

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