Mark Wahlberg shares his delight at finally being at Mass

Like millions of Catholics, the actor has been missing his regular church service.

3 Things to think about before you go back to Mass

Parishes are opening up all over the country -- but with COVID-19 cases rising, you should still be prudent.

Unable to sing, Catholic parishes return to an ancient form of sacred music

Catholic composers are writing new music in the old style.

8 Modern manners you need to adopt at Mass

Make the most of your church life with these manners in mind.

Some churches offering outdoors services as they wait to open sanctuaries again

All it takes is a decent parking lot or green space, some creativity, and a few dedicated volunteers.

Here’s how Catholic dioceses plan to resume public Masses around the country

As public officials lift COVID-19 restrictions, bishops prepare parishes for safely bringing the faithful back to church.

After the lockdown: Where Catholic Masses will be publicly celebrated

As societies begin to reopen, some churches resume public celebrations.

Some Catholic churches offer Mass to public again, as efforts continue to fight COVID

Dioceses are following states as they open economy, cautiously.

Why I’m still getting dressed up for Sunday Mass, even when it’s virtual

Small gestures can help bring a sense of sacredness to our worship.

Roman parish celebrated Easter Mass on rooftop

The way the buildings are situated worked as an amphitheater.

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