This doctor-in-training volunteered to accompany patients dying of COVID-19

When a medical student signed up to volunteer at a local hospital, she learned the importance of being present to the dying.

Mother and daughter graduate med school together and end up at the same hospital

The inspirational doctors, Cynthia and Jasmine Kudji, had a welcome surprise when they discovered they'd be finishing their medical training together.

Ask God to send angels to protect your local hospital

This prayer asks God to surround a hospital with a special angelic presence.

Italian priest becomes a doctor again to help with pandemic

From healing souls to healing bodies, this priest is doing everything he can to help his flock.

Pro-Life Nebraska group educates with ultrasound in school

Heart of a Child Ministries is spearheading an effort to instill respect for human development in Nebraska's youth.

Organ donations surge in Canada after legalization of assisted suicide

Canadian patients approved for euthanasia can be approached for organ donations, creating an ethical quandary.

Catholic Medical Association launches conscience app

Doctors who have ethical questions in the midst of treating a patient can check their phones for answers.

Twins born weighing less than a pound beat the odds and survive

Despite a 1% chance of living, these twins born at 23 weeks bring hope and joy.

Explore the fascinating world of 11th-century herbal remedies

In a time before science dominated medicine, many remedies were meant to soothe the soul, along with the body.

Inspired by St. Francis, this renowned American doctor works in one of the most remote places in the world

As head of Mother of Mercy hospital in the Nuba Mountains, Dr. Tom Catena relies on God every single day.

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