5 Not-to-be-missed Catholic churches in Mexico

From Baroque facades to pink quarry structures and golden chapels, Mexico is not short of Catholic architectural wonders.  

America’s oldest work of Christian art was made by Aztecs in Mexico

The mosaic depicting a Eucharistic miracle combines Aztec iconography and Indian feather art.

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An 84-year-old Catholic priest has been murdered in Mexico

Exclusive interview with a Mexican priest tracking the persecution of the Church in Mexico: "The message is clear: If I can kill a priest, I can kill anyone."

Mexican priest shot dead while hearing confession

The second such murder in a week, this brings the number of murdered Mexican clergymen to 23 in the last 6 years

Mexican Priest murdered on his way to Mass

The Mexican Church is again in mourning

Mexican border “not a war zone,” say US bishops

Eight Catholic leaders along US-Mexico frontier react to Trump's plans to deploy military

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