How a drug addict’s life was miraculously saved by St. Juan Diego

The miracle paved the way for Juan Diego's canonization.

Live, from Rome … Pope Francis!

Photo of the Day: November 4, 2017

Pope Francis sends money to aid victims of earthquake in Mexico

The donation represents the Pope's closeness to the many people suffering in the country.

With love, from Mexico

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Another priest is killed in Mexico. Are clergy being targeted?

Though violence against the Church is on the rise, so is violence in general.

Meet this master of disguises and defender of the faith

St. Rafael Guizar y Valencia posed as a junk dealer, a street vendor, and a musician in order to secretly administer the sacraments.

Famous last words: A martyr of the bloody Cristero War forgives his persecutors

Blessed Anacleto González Flores didn't take up arms but worked tirelessly to fight the Mexican government's brutal treatment of Catholics

I left my first son in Acapulco

I hope that the tears I've shed for him over the years might somehow be prayers rising to our merciful God.

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