Middle East

High-tech Israeli research lab carbon dates with extreme accuracy

Those interested in biblical archaeology in particular will be happy to find that antiquities can be more accurately dated.

Looters take advantage of world isolation to plunder Holy Land archaeological sites

The smugglers, who include terrorist organizations, use Facebook to coordinate their efforts and crowdsource information.

How do we know this is where Jesus was baptized?

Plenty of different clues point at this very special site as the one where Jesus was baptized by John.

World Youth Day may be coming to the Middle East

Discussions among Catholic bishops center around a stand-alone World Youth Day that would cater to the youth of the region.

Earn a dig scholarship and excavate the Holy Land in 2020

Educational arcaeology program offers real experience to life-long enthusiasts and complete amateurs.

US Franciscans gather “swaddling clothes” to send to Bethlehem

All proceeds are directed towards the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem.

Newly unearthed mosaic could hold clues to location of Jesus’ miracle of the loaves and fishes

The mosaic was discovered at an early Christian church near the Sea of Galilee.

Archaeologists uncover a gate from the time of King David

This is the second city gate discovered in the Golan Heights in as many years.

You can volunteer to work on a Middle-Eastern archaeological dig this summer

The Biblical Archaeology Society is helping volunteers connect with the dig that best suits their interests.

Evidence of Crusaders using biological warfare uncovered in Lebanon

The discovery offers the first evidence of a genetic link between the Crusaders and the Middle Eastern population.

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