Discovery of sourdough bread oven offers insight into a medieval Cistercian monastery

Archaeologists' findings suggest the monastic community was much larger and a lot older than previously thought.

California forest fire spares Benedictine monastery

Bobcat fire goes around St. Andrew's Abbey, "like the parting of the Red Sea."

Franciscans distribute their 500,000th meal during the pandemic in São Paulo, Brazil

The religious order is not just serving food, but bringing hope.

The Hillbilly Thomists release “Sing Redeeming Love” from isolation

The monastic folk band shares some much needed joy with this lively, faithful tune.

Capuchin baking champion makes 1,600 cookies for Catholic Charities food drive

The winner of 'The Great American Baking Show' is taking on new challenges during lockdown.

As COVID-19 deaths surge, Trappist monks donate caskets

While supplies last, handcrafted wooden caskets are offered free of charge to struggling families in this difficult time.

Coronavirus having you craving alone time? These contemplatives explains why it’s important

"Me time" in the age of pandemic lockdown: A nun and monk explain why it's not selfish.

Coronavirus claims life of Franciscan friar: First death in D.C.

The illness may have been exacerbated by his battle with cancer.

Wondering about how to handle life at home? Contemplative monks and nuns have some advice

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to slow down and spend more time together. Here are some ways we can make the most of it.

Dominicans’ YouTube channel will teach you to chant, for free

Two young friars are bringing Catholic music education to a computer near you.

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