Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s simple (really simple!) trick for becoming closer to Jesus

"Good morning, Jesus" -- say it the second you open your eyes, and see what happens ...

Mother Teresa believed these spiritual diseases are difficult to cure

St. Teresa of Calcutta saw loneliness, despair, and hopelessness as harmful diseases that reveal a desperate hunger for God.

Meet the journalist who introduced Mother Teresa to the world

Malcolm Muggeridge lived a life of change. The greatest of those changes happened when he met the "saint of the gutters."

7 Quotes from Mother Teresa we really need today

In times of turmoil, lean on the Church's saints for inspiration.

Mother Teresa inspires Nepali woman to rescue 18,000 girls from sex trafficking

70-year-old Anuradha Koirala sets her life's goal to helping vulnerable women and children.

Famous quotes that Mother Teresa did NOT say

Social media is full of sayings by Mother Teresa that she never actually said.

Why Mother Teresa didn’t want everyone to be exactly like her

On multiple occasions St. Teresa of Calcutta urged people not to completely imitate her example.

Pray to Mother Teresa with these words of the pope

May he grant us the grace to see him in the eyes of all who look to us in their need.

A life of sacrifice: Movies about Mother Teresa and other real-life heroes

These real-life heroes inspire us all in ways great and small.

Mother Teresa shows how to love as Christ did

Her life and legacy offer the antidote to our “throwaway culture.”

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