Talented children’s choir’s version of “Memories” will give you goosebumps

Take a few minutes to be inspired by the One Voice Children's Choir.

Jesús Cabello, the boy the Virgin saved from leukemia

A promise his parents made when he was gravely ill as a child is being fulfilled decades later in a ministry through music.

Notre Dame’s massive pipe organ to undergo 4-year-long cleaning

The team is hopeful that the pipe organ will play again in 2024.

Kanye calls God into 2020’s chaos in ‘Wash Us In The Blood’ 

For “horizontal” minds committed to fixing society’s ills, turning a blind eye to what lies beyond it, it’s a bracingly spiritual song that reminds us of deeper currents: the world, the flesh, …

‘God Bless the USA’ like you’ve never heard it before

Country singer Lee Greenwood, in a collaboration with the Air Force singers, has put together a new rendition of his traditional July 4th song.

This rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” went viral just when we needed it

Music reminds us that harmony is possible ... and beautiful.

How the pandemic has changed our music listening habits — and why

If you stop to think about it, it makes so much sense that we're craving this kind of music now.

Catholic high schoolers write pop song for charity

The girls at Chester Catholic high school have already raised over $1500 with their catchy tune.

Soon-to-be-priest sings tunes for tots with captivating joy

Deacon James F. Waalkes' YouTube channel is full of fun videos to share with the little ones.

6 Pieces of beautiful music that can bring you peace

Music is cathartic and a perfect balm to the soul in trying times.

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