Natural Family Planning

Last week, the baby bust; this week, hope

The choice to have a child is always an act of hope.

How NFP has totally changed the way I see myself

Thanks to practicing natural family planning, I respect myself more than I ever have.

There are new, encouraging recommendations for having babies closer together

These new findings on a previously controversial subject are great news for Catholic couples.

Why giving up contraception can make you a better husband (Video)

A man who traded contraceptives for natural family planning reveals why he'll never go back.

Why having more than 3 kids is liberating

When I had 3 kids, I was constantly stressed. But when the fourth came along, something remarkable happened ...

4 Ways to discern a family with your spouse (and what that even means)

Whether you're ready for a baby right now or not, this is a critical part of the planning.

Sex au naturel: The most common challenges of natural family planning

These difficulties are by no means insurmountable, but require time, energy, and patience.

So, ladies, about those new apps that track your cycle …

Here's what you need to know to make sure you pick the most up-to-date, accurate ones.

Teaching your teen to chart her cycle could literally save her life

Knowledge about their bodies can go a long way in helping young women be their best selves.

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