New York

The church that rose when the towers fell

This story definitely shows how Providence works: Read why the church near the World Trade Center was there at all.

New York City churches beset by burglar, $5K stolen and more in damages

While the suspect's identity is still unknown, closed circuit footage has a good look at his face.

How the Catholic Church saved New York City, Part 1

Overcoming violent anti-Catholicism, poverty, and gangs, the Sisters of Charity opened the doors of opportunity to generations of immigrants.

Exclusive photos: The undefeated champions of New York City, St. Rocco and his dog

Enduring every challenge 130 years could throw at it, the Feast of St. Rocco serves as an example of the power of Faith.

NY Catholic Charities recieves 10,000 lbs of food from Goya

Goya Foods donates hundreds of thousands of pounds of food each year to fulfill its "social responsibility."

Witness the most incredible festival in all of New York – Festa dei Gigli!

The strength of the "lifters" is tested as they carry a 7-story high tower through the streets to celebrate a great saint.