North Korea

Christians in North Korea face terrible persecution, report defectors

While the US eyes a possible nuclear deal with Kim Jong Un, Christians are subjected to brutal interrogation and imprisonment.

North Korea hands over 55 cases said to contain U.S. servicemen’s remains

Search for bodies from 1950s conflict resumes again after several years interruption

Did the Trump-Kim summit advance the cause of human rights in North Korea?

In the statement issued after the meeting in Singapore, there was no mention of those tortured, imprisoned and abused for their religious beliefs.

Will the Trump-Kim summit change anything for North Korean Christians?

They are forced to "literally choose between life and death," says a North Korean refugee.

50,000 Christians imprisoned in North Korea could be hot topic in Trump-Kim meeting

Human rights observers say conditions in detention centers are "even worse" than at Auschwitz

Was cancelling the Kim-Trump summit a good idea? Experts weigh in

Some see risk of military action increasing, while others applaud Trump for sticking to his guns

Sign of peace? North Korea and South Korea to meet for first time in two years

Formal talks viewed as glimmer of hope amidst talk of “nuclear buttons”

China is building refugee camps along is border with North Korea, according to leaked documents

As tensions soar between the U.S. and North Korea, China prepares for the worst

Just confirmed: U.S. establishes direct lines of communication with North Korea

Most important thing right now, says Rex Tillerson, is to lower the heat between Washington and Pyongyang

North Korea threatens U.S. military aircraft, even if it’s not in its airspace

Pyongyang's foreign minister says President Trump has effectively declared war on his country.

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