Notre Dame

Children bring hope to Notre Dame cathedral with memorable artwork

Aleteia was present for the inauguration of an impressive art exhibition, as well as the blessing of the statue of the Virgin of Paris at Notre Dame Cathedral.

Notre Dame reconstruction effort resumes after pause for pandemic

The work will commence with smaller teams and will continue through the summer months.

‘Catch the Spirit’ with the Notre Dame Folk Choir

The principal liturgical choir of the University of Notre Dame releases its new album early, after postponing all performances.

A year after the Notre Dame fire, its bells ring in support of health care workers

The bells usually only sound during special religious occasions. They rang on Wednesday, a year after the great cathedral was nearly destroyed in a fire.

Notre-Dame of Paris to broadcast Good Friday meditation with Crown of Thorns

Live-stream will unite world’s pandemic suffering with Passion of Christ in church that burned one year ago.

Survival of the bees of Notre Dame Cathedral seen as “almost miraculous”

The 30,000-45,000 bees on Notre Dame's roof were near the fire, where temperatures reached 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit.

Notre Dame’s “Mass hype video” will make you stand up and cheer

Holy Cross priests found a genius way to invite fans to Mass after football games.

Notre Dame fire investigation to reveal secrets from its medieval history

Dedicated scientists work to bring some good out of a bad situation.

Notre Dame will be silent on Christmas for the first time in 216 years

It may be many years before the Notre Dame choir sings a Christmas Mass.

Video shows extent of damage to Notre Dame

"... today we absolutely cannot say that Notre-Dame has been saved.”

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