Padre Pio

8 Pilgrimage sites in the footsteps of Padre Pio

Take an unforgettable journey to some of the most important places in the life of the Italian saint.

‘Criminal Minds’ actor Joe Mantegna takes role as advocate for St. Padre Pio

Mantegna hopes to produce a feature film on the life of Padre Pio.

From cabaret musician in Paris to missionary priest in Iraq … thanks to Padre Pio

The incredible conversion story of Fr. Jean Marie Benjamin.

Star of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ performs benefit for Padre Pio Foundation

Actor Franc D'Ambrosio will sing in a December 5 New York show that will also feature SNL veteran Joe Piscopo.

Regretting something? Padre Pio tells you how and why to take heart

The place to find God's will is in the present moment.

5 Thoughts from Padre Pio on the Rosary

Want to triumph over everything and everyone?

5 Of your all-time favorite articles featuring Padre Pio

Aleteia readers REALLY love the saint of Pietrelcina.

How Padre Pio stopped Allied forces from bombing his monastery during WWII

Whenever airplanes flew near the town, Padre Pio was there to stop them.

Padre Pio encourages us when we keep losing our tempers

One can wonder if we try even half as hard as he did to vanquish our bad habits.

Padre Pio says these 2 virtues are like the mother hen; the other virtues follow like little chicks

The more virtues we have, the freer we are. Focusing on these two is a short cut.

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