First Catholic “Mrs. Pakistan World” hopes to inspire women and fight radicalization

Ravish Zahid-Thomas can be an inspiration for many oppressed women in her native Pakistan and around the world.

Asia Bibi calls on Pakistan’s prime minister to protect minority Christians

The Christian mother who was on death row for ten years before being acquitted of blasphemy charges says that she prays every day with the rosary Pope Francis gave her.

Human rights group urges investigation into forced religious conversions in Pakistan

Activists cite a growing number of abductions and forced marriages of Christian and Hindu girls.

In Pakistan, 14-year-old Catholic girl flees Muslim kidnapper’s house

On April 28, 202,0 two armed accomplices kidnapped her in broad daylight close to her home.

In Pakistan a Christian man is murdered for living in a Muslim neighborhood

The recent death of Nadeem Joseph has prompted numerous protests among Christians in the country, with some comparing it to the case of George Floyd in the United States. 

Monumental ancient Christian cross found in mountains of northern Pakistan

“It is indeed great news for all of us that an ancient cross was found in Skardu. It shows that Christianity existed in this area," said Mansha Noor, executive director of Caritas Pakistan.

Pakistan: In prison on blasphemy charges, Christian man sees appeal hearing postponed nearly 70 times

It has now been 11 years since his lawyer submitted his first appeal petition in Lahore High Court.

In Pakistan, family seeks the return of 14-year-old daughter held in forced marriage

Lawyers for the family say the girl was taken at gunpoint, and forced to marry and abandon her faith.

Pakistan: Christians denied COVID-19 aid

There have been reports of COVID-19 emergency aid staff on the ground refusing to give help to non-Muslims as the donations had come as Zakat charitable offerings, in accordance with Islamic Shari‘a …

Asia Bibi to Aleteia: “At every moment, I kept God in my heart”

Sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan, Asia Bibi spent 10 years in prison before being acquitted. On a visit to Paris, she gave an interview to Aleteia.

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