Sectarian Violence Sweeps through Pakistan

Murder, rape and suicide bombings; muslim extremists stop at nothing to spread their message of hate

Christian Man Gets Life Sentence for Blasphemy

Pakistan shows no let up in witch hunt of 'heretics'

Malala Defies Taliban to Take World Stage

Nine months after being singled out and shot, 15-year-old addresses the UN

Bishop Speaks Out Against ‘Hate Material’ in Textbooks

Instances across Pakistan are growing fast

Islamic Groups Declare Polio Vaccine Safe

Edict comes in wake of Taliban killing aid workers

Twin attacks leave Pakistan city reeling

Militants bombed bus before attacking hospital treating survivors

Nawaz Sharif Demands an End to US Drone Strikes

Pakistan's third-time president calls for an end to US 'war on terror' in his first address to Parliament

Nawaz Sharif Plans To End ‘US War On Terror’ If Elected

Meanwhile the bloodshed rises in run-up to Pakistan's polling day on Saturday

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