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2 Ways parents prevent their sons from becoming real men

Boys today are in a no-win situation ... but here's how to fix it.

Why kids have the right to online privacy (VIDEO)

A new campaign seeks to make parents more aware of the dangers of posting about their kids online.

Why letting your toddler develop their independence is overrated

There's a dark side to letting your toddler attempt everything on his own

Cultivating a male influence for sons in the absence of a father

The most natural place to start is from within your own family.

Kids’ individual ‘learning styles’ are a myth

It's widely accepted, but also disproven.

16 Inspiring and memorable saints’ names for your baby girl

Unique names that are just as beautiful and holy as the women behind them.

Why you should be taking your kids to the library regularly

Exposure to books opens more doors for kids than parents realize.

No wonder this single mom’s graduation photo has gone viral

Ieshia Camps' incredible accomplishment was possible because of her kids.

This may be preventing you from connecting with your kids

You may be getting distracted by this one thing ... to everyone's detriment.

When and how to introduce kids to their first smartphone

Hint: Gradually, with many restrictions and plenty of oversight.

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