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A letter to the parents who keep bringing their disruptive kids to Mass, week after week

Christ had something pretty important to say about people like us.

Every dad should listen to Rebecca Roubion’s “Anywhere I Go”

The best musical tribute to the father/daughter bond relationship

Why I’m changing my mind and getting my daughter a smartphone

I want to protect her, but I also want to prepare her ...

How each of us can help eliminate “parent shaming”

If we want to change the larger culture, we have to start supporting other parents.

How paying attention to details changes your brain — and your life

Teaching your children to do this can help them see the world differently.

The screen time risk for kids that no one is talking about

It's not the risk from their use of screens -- it's the risk from our own.

Why your kids know way more about your marriage than you think

I discovered that my two-year-old child knows a lot more about my marital life (and the world) than I would have guessed.

10 Inexpensive ways to create great summer memories with your kids

A mother of 10 shares her secrets for making fun, affordable memories for the whole family.

5 Reasons playing video games isn’t all bad

But you may not want to tell your kids!

The real reason why kids (and adults) can’t sit still or focus

It's actually not so much about too much screen time ...

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