Personal Growth

The secret Simone Weil discovered at a monastery that changed her life — and can change yours, too

All her life she struggled with her personal issues ... until she heard some monks singing.

4 Lessons from St. Augustine to keep us from unhealthy oversharing

In our confessional culture, it can be difficult to find the line between being vulnerable and spilling too much.

Disappointed with your summer so far? Here’s how to redeem it

If you feel like you're failing at summer, try refocusing using these three tips.

How to be unproductive: A lesson from St. Martha

Is "getting a lot done" a badge of honor for you? If so, take a note from this good friend of Jesus.

What a Swedish wife, mother, and saint teaches us about dealing with life’s disappointments

When life doesn't turn out as planned or you feel like a failure, be inspired by Bridget of Sweden.

The virtue of Mary Magdalene that we desperately need today

This great saint displayed a quality to ponder and emulate.

Feeling irritable? Here’s how to re-set your reactions to life’s little stressors

This simple two-step process really helps lower daily stress -- and improve family relationships.

St. Bonaventure’s advice for how to be at peace with your place in this world

The Franciscan monk offers 3 tips for how we can be confident that we are right where we are meant to be.

The crazy idea that might make this the best summer of your life

You're busy, we're all busy, but this could change the game.

How to make peace with past mistakes: Lessons from a glamorous French actress

One of the most famous women of her day, Eve Lavalliere learned the secret to living well.

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