Personal Growth

How to make — and commit to — a big decision in your 20s

It's a good time of life to take risks, but don't forget to be prudent.

The one question to ask when you feel overwhelmed

Sometimes we get inspiration from the most unlikely sources ...

If you’re stubborn and you know it … try these 6 steps!

A healthy dose of humility can help us be open to other people's ideas

In defense of the grumpy Christian

Not every Christian is agreeable and nice. Here are 3 things to keep in mind if that's you or someone you love ...

How to make your day holier as a busy person

Many people still don't know the secret to making every moment count.

The trick that finally helped me cut back on screen time

I've never been able to get off my devices until I discovered this secret.

The price we pay for needing to be right

It's a satisfying experience to be the know-it-all, but what are the costs we aren't counting?

12 Habits to help you be the best version of yourself

Putting these into practice will help you realize your God-given potential.

How to be happy right now when you’re not where you want to be

Most of us want something we don't have, but that doesn't have to steal our joy.

Why being a “conscious consumer” is easier than you think

It can be so overwhelming that we don't even bother, but living more responsibly doesn't have to be complicated.

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